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"Dewey Marine Leasing made it very easy to obtain the equipment we needed and the pricing was very cost effective for our project. We will hire Dewey Marine Leasing again when need be, thank you."

Michael Cirrone - Rochester, NY

"The equipment worked flawlessly and we never encountered 1 problem. Thank you for being there!"

Daniel Fiorine - Charlotte, NY

Why To Lease Heavy Equipment

Why To Lease Heavy Equipment

What the owner says about "when leasing heavy equipment makes sense"

"In this current and future economy, leasing or renting is becoming more frequent as opposed to purchasing because of the uncertainty in today's market," says Gus Ognenovski, Owner of Dewey Marine Leasing. "Contractors are unlikely to purchase these heavy equipment units because they don't know if they will be able to utilize them to make the purchase cost effective."

"If a contractor does not have a constant steady flow of work, then our rentals make sense," says Gus. "Renting is convenient without many of the costs associated with ownership. The costs include insurance, maintenance, transportation, service technicians and storage. Furthermore, the renter will not keep incurring costs on the machinery when work slows down along with the economy."

Leasing lets you obtain equipment on an as-needed basis. Gus continues to say "Usually a contractor is looking for heavy equipment for a short while. Depending on the cost of renting versus a purchase price, they will typically rent instead. It also makes sense to rent when a project needs a specific machine that the contractor doesn't already own. A combination of the proper machinery with a particular job is much more productive and efficient. Rental also simplifies the bidding for any particular job because it establishes a set cost for the machinery."

Lastly Gus mentions "We make the entire process easy and cost effective. This lets the contractor concentrate more at the job at hand and not worry about equipment details. We want to hear from you if you have any questions or concerns regarding any of our equipment so call or email us now!"

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